XML Editors

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xml editors

These days there are countless editors available on the market, making your choice a difficult one. There are free editors that are probably good for beginner to intermediate XML coders, and there are the $600 XML suites for XML professionals or avid users.

xml editors - features

The basic job of an XML editor is to allow you, the XML coder, to create and manipulate XML documents. The basic features you need are syntax highlighting (color codes to make the XML easier to read), some sort of way to validate the XML code that you write, and of course, the ability to create, edit, and save XML documents.

free xml editors

There are many free XML editors available for download on the internet. Here are a few we have found useful:

  • XML Cooktop

  • XML Mind Standard Edition

  • Pete's XML Editor

purchasable xml editors

If you are looking for a more professional solution and have the money ($50-$600), you may want to purchase one of the following XML editors.

  • XML Spy - Expensive

  • XML Mind Professional Edition

  • XMetal - Expensive

w3c xml validation tool

In addition to the software listed above, you can also use online validation tools. Our favorite, a simple and easy-to-use webpage, is the markup validation tool provided by W3C. It can validate XML, as well as any other markup language. Check out W3C's Validation Tool.