What is Ajax

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What is Ajax, Introduction to Ajax

Ajax is not a programming language, its the script.  Ajax means, Asynchronous java script and xml, and this is the type of programming made popular in 2005 by Google suggest [Google search, while we are typing some thing in Google search box it will show you some suggestions automatically right that is Ajax]


With Ajax we can move the data from our web page to the server, and we can update the part of our web page with out refreshing the entire page, cool na

And mates,  Ajax is the widely using scripting concept now a days in the real time projects.

And its highly recommended to know JavaScript and CSS, xml a little before we start Ajax programs


What is Synchronous & Asynchronous

Actually, Synchronous means at a time we can send single request and we need to wait for the response before send the second request, and Asynchronous means we can send the second request before we get the response of first request, Ajax is the example of this Asynchronous type.

Platform: AJAX applications are platform independent, we can expect the exact working style in all the platforms