Types of Charts Pie Charts

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Types of Charts: Pie Charts


A Pie chart is used to show percentage and/or fractional values. When creating, you can choose the values as you see fit. Microsoft Excel would identify each value in the series and create categories for them. After getting the categories, the application would calculate the percentage for each category based on the sum of all the values, the total count of categories, and the fraction that each category shares.

The default appearance of a pie chart is a circle with each category taking a pie in the whole. One of the variances of the chart displays in three dimensions that uses two ellipses. The top ellipse is the most visible and shows the format of each chart. Only part of the bottom ellipse is shown.

Doughnut Charts

A Doughnut chart is an alternative to the Pie chart as both use the same types of values. The main difference between both types of charts is that a Doughnut chart can include more than one series of values.