The View of a Worksheet

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The View of a Worksheet


The regular view of a worksheet is referred to as normal. It shows one large and long display of columns and cells. Microsoft Access allows you to choose among many other views.

Changing the View of a Worksheet

Instead of the regular or normal view, to change how a worksheet displays its cells, on the Ribbon, click View and click one of the buttons in the Workbook View section:

  • Normal: This is the regular view of a worksheet
  • Page Layout: This would divide the cells into various groups depending on the width of the cells on the worksheet:

  • Page Break Preview: This view shows how the pages would be printed by dividing the worksheet in page breaks:

  • Full Screen: The worksheet would use the whole screen

To get the regular view from Page Layout or Page Break Preview, you can click the Normal button. To get the normal view from Full Screen, you can press Esc.