The Quick Access Toolbar

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The Quick Access Toolbar


On the right side of the Office Button, there is the Quick Access Toolbar Quick Access toolbar. Like a normal toolbar, the Quick Access displays some buttons. You can right-click the Quick Access toolbar. A menu would appear:

Quick Access

If you want to hide the Quick Access toolbar, you can right-click it and click Remove Quick Access Toolbar. To know what a button is used for, you can position the mouse on. A tool tip would appear. Once you identify the button you want, you can click it

Adding a Button to the Quick Access Toolbar

By default, the Quick Access toolbar is equipped with three buttons: Save, Undo, and Redo. If you want to add more buttons or more options, you can right-click the Quick Access toolbar and click Customize Quick Access Toolbar... This would display the Excel Options dialog box:

Excel Options

To add a button to the Quick Access toolbar, on the left list of Add, click an option and click Add. After making the selections, click OK.

To remove a button from the Quick Access toolbar, right-click it on the Quick Access toolbar and click Remove From Quick Access Toolbar.

The Quick Access Button

On the right side of the Quick Access toolbar, there is the Customize button with a down-pointing arrow. If you click or right-click this button, a menu would appear:

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

The role of this button is to manage some aspects of the top section of Microsoft Excel, such as deciding what buttons to display on the Quick Access toolbar. For example, instead of using the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu item as we saw previously, you can click an option from that menu and its corresponding button would be added to the Quick Access toolbar. If the options on the menu are nor enough, you can click either Customize Quick Access Toolbar or More Commands... This would open the Excel Options dialog box.

The main or middle area of the top section displays the name of the application: Microsoft Excel. You can right-click the title bar to display a menu that is managed by the operating system.

On the right side of the title bar, there are three system buttons that allow you to minimize, maximize, restore, or close Microsoft Access.

Under the title bar, there is another bar with a Help button on the right side.