The Print Margins

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The Print Margins

Controlling the Top, Right, Bottom, or Left Margins

As mentioned when dealing with the print preview, before printing, you may want to adjust the margins of the printed paper. One way to do this:

  • In the Page Setup section of the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon, click the Margins button to show a list of the available options and click the desired one

  • Display the Page Setup dialog box. In the Margins tab, use the Top, the Right, the Bottom, or the Left spin buttons to specify the desired margins:


The Margins property page allows you to control all four-margin sections of a printed-paper. By setting the proper width or height, you can control how much space will be left or untouched in theTop, the Left, the Right, or the Bottom sections of the printed paper.

Controlling the Header/Footer Margins

You can create one or two special sections for the title or the lower areas of the printed paper. These are the Header and the Footer sections.

Centering the Page

By default, a document prints starting on the top left corner of the paper. This may look awkward if your document contains just one section or a chart. Therefore the Margins property page allows you to center the content of the worksheet horizontally and/or vertically. This is done using theHorizontally or the Vertically check boxes in the Center On Page section

 Practical Learning Practical Learning: Using the Margins Property Sheet

  1. On the taskbar, click the Grier Summer Camp2.xlsx button and click the T-Shirts to Order sheet
    Grier Summer Camp
  2. On the Ribbon, click Page Layout
  3. In the Page Setup section, click the more options button
  4. In the Page Setup dialog box, click Margins
  5. In the Center On Page section, click both the Horizontally and the Vertically check boxes
  6. Click the Print button
  7. On the Print dialog box, click OK