Single Line Vs Multi line Comment

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Difference Between Single Line and Multi line Comment ?

Multi-line Comment Single-line Comments
Starts with /* and ends with */ Starts with //
All Words and Statements written between /* and */ are ignored Statements after the symbol // upto the end of line are ignored
Comment ends when */ Occures Comment Ends whenever ENTER is Pressed and New Line Starts
e.g /* This is Multiline Comment */ e.g // Single line Comment

Comments in C :

Below are some of the examples where we can use different kinds of comments.Single line comment and multiple line comments can be



Hiding Code using Comments :

Single Line Comments are useful where you need to comment or hide two-three words however multiple line comments are useful where you want to hide multiple lines of code.


i.e Suppose we want to hide multiple lines then instead of using single line comment before each line we can use multiple line comment.