SEO Meta Description

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SEO Meta Description

SEO Meta description 1

Meta description is a short paragraph which is placed in the HTML of a webpage. It is a kind of advertising copy that briefly describes the content of your page. Meta description appears under the URL of your page in search engine result pages. It is also known as a snippet.

The meta description is an important part of search marketing, i.e. a relevant and compelling description draws users from search engine result pages to your website which improves the click through rate for that webpage.

Some instructions to write optimized title tags are listed below:

  • Keywords: Incorporate the most important keywords in your meta description.
  • Readability: It should be simple and relevant, i.e. it should read like a human-written sentence and keyword stuffing should be avoided.
  • Compelling: It should be as compelling as possible, i.e. it should clearly describe the content of the page.

  • Length: It should be up to 135 to 160 characters long else search engine will truncate it, so keep the important keywords in the first or second line of the description.
  • Don't repeat: Write different meta descriptions for different pages else search engine may penalize you for repeating the same description on different pages.

Meta Description: Syntax

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>    
  2. <html>    
  3. <head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">  
  4. <title> Web Page Title Example </title>    
  5. <meta name = "description" content="this is meta description example upto 155 characters">  
  6. </head>    
  7. <body>    
  8.     <p>Welcome to my first web page.</p>    
  9. </body>    
  10. </html>