Protecting Worksheets

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Protecting Worksheets

If you protect a workbook, all of its worksheets are protected and would follow the rules of workbook protecting. An alternative is to protect the worksheets individually. You can protect all worksheets, some worksheets, or just one worksheet.

To protect a worksheet, after displaying it, on the Ribbon, click the Home tab. In the Cells section, click Format -> Protect Sheet... This would display the Protect Sheet dialog box:

Protect Sheet

To protect a worksheet, you must provide a password. After typing it in the Protect Sheet dialog box, click OK. A Confirm Password dialog box would come up. You must type the same password. After opening the workbook, to change anything on the worksheet, the user would be presented with a message box.

Un-Protecting a Worksheet

If you don't need to keep protecting a worksheet, you can remove its password. To do this, on the Ribbon, click Home. In the Cells section, click Format and click Unprotect Sheet...

Unprotect Sheet

In the Unprotect Sheet dialog box, enter a valid password and click OK.