PostgreSQL RIGHT Function

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PostgreSQL RIGHT() function

RIGHT() function

The PostgreSQL right() function is used to extract n number of characters specified in the argument from the right of a given string. When the value of n is negative, the extraction will happen from the right except for first n characters.

Syntax :


PostgreSQL Version : 9.3

Pictorial Presentation of PostgreSQL RIGHT() function


Example 1 : PostgreSQL RIGHT() function :

In the example below, the rightmost five characters from the string 'w3resource' have been extracted.

SELECT right('w3resource',5);

Output :

(1 row)

Example 2 :

In the example below, the right function extracted all the characters from the right side except 3 leftmost characters from the string 'w3resource', because the value of extracting character number is negative.

SELECT right('w3resource',-3);

Output :

(1 row)