PostgreSQL DATE PART Function

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PostgreSQL DATE_PART() function

DATE_PART() function

The date_part() function is used to return the part of a date and time.

Syntax :

date_part(text, timestamp)
date_part(text, interval)

Return Type : double precision.

PostgreSQL Version : 9.3

Pictorial Presentation of PostgreSQL DATE_PART() function


Example 1 : PostgreSQL DATE_PART() function

The example below finds the hour part from the timestamp (date and time specified in the argument) .

SELECT date_part('hour', timestamp '2002-09-17 19:27:45');

Output :

(1 row)

Example 2: PostgreSQL DATE_PART() function

The example below extracts the months part the given age.

SELECT date_part('month', interval '3 years 7 months');

Output :

(1 row)