PHP continue Statement

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PHP continue Statement


Sometimes a situation arises where we want to take the control to the beginning of the loop (for example for, while, do while etc.) skipping the rest statements inside the loop which have not yet been executed.

The keyword continue allow us to do this. When the keyword continue executed inside a loop the control automatically passes to the beginning of loop. Continue is usually associated with the if.

Example :

In the following example, the list of odd numbers between 1 to 10 have printed. In the while loop we test the remainder (here $x%2) of every number, if the remainder is 0 then it becomes an even number and to avoid printing of even numbers continue statement is immediately used and the control passes to the beginning of the loop.

  1. $x=1;  

  2. echo 'List of odd numbers between 1 to 10 

  3. while ($x<=10)  

  4. {  

  5. if (($x % 2)==0)  

  6. {  

  7. $x++;  

  8. continue;  

  9. }  

  10. else  

  11. {  

  12. echo $x.'

  13. $x++;  

  14. }  

  15. }  


List of odd numbers between 1 to 10