Moving Text Around

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Moving Text In Microsoft Word

Move Text Around Your Word Document

Sometimes, you will need to move portions of text around your Microsoft Word document after you have finished typing it. To do so, first of all select the text you want to move, and then do one of the following:

  • Click and drag the selected text where you want it. As you drag the text, you'll see a dotted vertical insertion point that tells you where your text will go when you release the mouse.

  • Copy the text by pressing ctrl-c, place the cursor where you want the text and then paste it in by pressing ctrl-v. Note that this isn't really moving text. It's simply copying it.

  • Cut the text by pressing ctrl-x, place the cursor where you want the text and then paste it in by pressing ctrl-v.

Often, people use tables to align different blocks of text. If you do use tables, you'll find it easy to select a block of text you'd like to move as jumping from table cell to table cell by pressing the tab key automatically selects the entire text in a particular cell.

Moving Text Between Two Word Documents

It's possible to move text between two different Word documents. To do this you will have to resize at least one Word window so that you can see both documents at the same time. Then you can select the text and drag it across into the new document.

You may be surprised to know that you can actually move text between different Microsoft Office applications, too. Using the same principle described above, you can move text from a Word document to an Excel spreadsheet, for example. Or even a PowerPoint presentation.