MathML Underscript

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MathML Underscript

MathML underscript is created with the tag. It attaches an accent or limit under an expression.


  1. <munder> base underscript </munder>  


To write the following expression:

Mathml Underscript 1

Equivalent MathML code:

  1. <math xmlns='' display='block' >  
  2. <math>  
  3. <munder accentunder="true">  
  4.   <mrow>  
  5.     <mi> x </mi>  
  6.     <mo> + </mo>  
  7.     <mi> y </mi>  
  8.     <mo> + </mo>  
  9.     <mi> z </mi>  
  10.   </mrow>  
  11.   <mo> ⏟ <!--BOTTOM CURLY BRACKET--> </mo>  
  12. </munder>   
  13. </math>  


Attributes of Underscript Element

Index Attribute Description
1) accentunder If it is set true, the element is an accent, which is drawn closer to the base expression. If false (default value), the element is a limit under the base expression.
2) align It specifies the alignment of the underscript. Its possible values are: left, center, and right.
3) class, id, style These are used with stylesheets.
4) href It is used to set a hyperlink to a specified URI.
5) mathbackground It is used to specify background color. You can use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.
6) mathcolor It is used to set text color. You can use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.

Supporting Browsers

Element chrome browser Chrome ie browser IE firefox browser Firefox (Gecko) opera browser Opera safari browser Safari
<munder> Not Supported Not Supported Supported Not Supported Only Basic Support