MathML Radicals

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MathML Radicals

In MathML, two elements are used to specify radicals. These two elements are:

  • element
  • element

The element creates a square root, taking the base as its only argument, and the element is used to create an indexed root. It takes base and index as argument.

For example:

To write the following equation on the web page:

Mathml Radicals 1

Equivalent MathML code:

  1. <math xmlns='' display='block'>  
  2.   <msqrt>  
  3.     <mn>4mn>  
  4.   msqrt>  
  5.   <mo>mo>  
  6.   <mroot>  
  7.     <mn>8mn>  
  8.     <mn>3mn>  
  9.   mroot>  
  10.   <mo>=mo>  
  11.   <mn>4mn>  
  12. math>  

Supporting Browsers:

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