Linux od

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Linux od

The 'od' term stands for octal dump. It displays content of a file in different human-readable formats like hexadecimal, octal and ASCII characters.


  1. od -b <fileName>      (display files in octal format)  
  2. od -t x1 <fileName>       (display files in hexadecimal bytes format)  
  3. od -c <fileName>      (display files in ASCII (backslashed) character format)  


  1. od -b format.txt                            
  2. od -t x1 format.txt  
  3. od -c format.txt  

Linux Od Filters1

Look at the above snapshot, command "od -b format.txt" displays in octal format, command "od -t x1 format.txt"displays in hexadecimal format, command "od -c format.txt" displays in ASCII character where a new line will be marked with ' '