Linux more

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Linux more command

As 'cat' command displays the file content. Same way 'more' command also displays the content of a file. Only difference is that, in case of larger files, 'cat' command output will scroll off your screen while 'more' command displays output one screenful at a time.

Following keys are used in 'more' command to scroll the page:

  • Enter key: To scroll down page line by line.
  • Space bar: To go to next page.
  • b key: To go to the backward page.
  • / key: Lets you search the string.


  1. more <file name>  


more /var/log/udev 

Linux More Command

Look at the above snapshot, in the left corner it shows 0%, which indicates that 0% page is displayed.

To scroll down use 'space' button, next page will be displayed.

If you want to scroll down the page line by line use 'enter' key.

If you want to go to the last or backward page use 'b' key.

Linux more options

Options Function
more -num Limits the line displayed per page.
more -d Displays user message at right corner.
more -s Squeeze blank lines.
more +/string name It helps to find the string.
more +num Used to display the content from a specific line.

Note: The 'more' command can't be used to display binary files.