Linux Ftp And Sftp

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ftp and sftp

The ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol. It connect to the remote host to exchange files and directories from one host to another over a network which can be LAN or any other.

The sftp stands for Secure ftp.

Most of the ftp commands are applicable to sftp. So wherever, you need to use sftp, you can use it at the place of ftp.

ftp prompt

The ftp prompt can be used to perform different ftp functions with ftp commands.



Linux ftp and sftp1

Look at the above snapshot, by passing ftp command we'll be directed into the ftp prompt. Here, we can write ftp commands to perform different functions.

ftp help

To open ftp command or help page from ftp prompt , ? Sign or help command is used.


  2.         OR  
  3. help  

Linux ftp and sftp2

Look at the above snapshot, it displays the help page for the ftp which shows all the ftp commands.

exiting ftp prompt

To exit from ftp prompt, ! Mark is used. It will take you to the shell prompt.


Linux ftp and sftp3

Look at the above snapshot, using ! will allow you to exist from the ftp prompt.

Connect to a ftp site

You can connect to a particular ftp server using either its IP address or the Hostname from the command line.


  1. ftp IP/Hostname  
  3. To connect from ftp prompt, 


open IP/Hostname 

Linux ftp and sftp4

Downloading file using

To download a file from a remote server, use get command.


get fileName 

Linux ftp and sftp5

To download files, user has to be in correct mode, either binary or ascii mode. In ascii mode, text files can be transferred while in binary mode, all other type of files can be transferred.

Saving downloaded file with another name

If you want to save a downloaded file with another name, following command can be used.


get fileName newName


get pro2356.php project.php

Linux ftp and sftp6

Look at the above snapshot, we are downloading a file named as pro2356.php want to save it as project.php

Changing ftp mode

There are two modes, one is binary (for all other files) and other is ascii (for text files) mode.

To ascii mode

Linux ftp and sftp7

To binary mode

Linux ftp and sftp8

Uploading file using

To download a file from a remote server, use put command.


put fileName

Linux ftp and sftp9

Listing files in current folder

You can view a remote directory using ls command.

Linux ftp and sftp10

Downloading multiple files using

The mget command is used to fetch multiple files from ftp server.


mget *.txt 

Linux ftp and sftp11

Uploading multiple files using

The mput command is used to upload multiple files from ftp server.


mput *.txt 

Linux ftp and sftp12

close command

When you want to connect to another server without existing the ftp prompt, close command should be used. Then you can connect to a new server from ftp prompt.



Linux ftp and sftp13