Know Your Sources

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Know Your Sources

For Your Records

As you design your Theme or style, you will be using HTML and CSS references. Here are a few resources you will become very familiar with over time. We recommend that you save or bookmark this page as a reference while you're working on your WordPress Themes.


  • W3C HTML

  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

  • XHTML 1.1 Reference

  • Learn How to Make Websites

  • HTML Dog



   * Language Reference
   * Function Reference
   * Features
   * Security

  • PHP The Right Way is a high level review of modern PHP

  • PHPDoc for documenting your code

Learning PHP

  • Getting Started

  • Very Basic PHP Tutorial for WordPress Users

  • PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

  • SitePoint's PHP resources


  • Modern PHP

  • Programming PHP


  • W3C CSS home page

  • CSS-1 Reference

  • CSS-2 Revision 1 Reference

  • Selectoracle - Enter CSS Style Sheet and All is Explained

  • - CSS Section of Resources and Links

Learning CSS

  • MDN

  • W3 Schools

  • HTML Dog CSS Beginners Guide

  • HTML Source's Introduction to CSS Stylesheets

  • Web Page Design for Designers - CSS From the Ground Up

  • Westciv's CSS Hands on Tutorial

  • The Web Developer's Network

  • Mezzoblue's CSS Cribsheet

  • Pineapple CSS Tutorials

Style Guides

  • Rich-In-Style Guide

  • W3c's Web Style Sheet Guide

  • Adding A Touch of Style

CSS Expertise and Examples

  • Eric Meyer's CSS Edge

  • Eric Meyer on CSS (site based on book)

  • CSS Zen Garden - the art of the possible in CSS

  • A List Apart

  • Open Source Web Design

Layout Resources

  • Position Is Everything

  • Position is Everything's Complex 3 Column - Perched on a Lily Pad

  • Position is Everything Piefecta Ridid 3-Column Layout

  • A List Apart's Flexible Layouts with CSS Positioning

  • CSS Layout Techniques

  • Creating Liquid Layouts with Negative Margins

  • Faux Columns: Column Stretches

  • Imaginary World's Internet Brain CSS Layout Templates

  • Brainjar's CSS Positioning

  • CSS Examples from W3 Schools

  • Stopdesign's Making the Absolute Relative

  • MaxDesign's CSS Layout Examples and Guides

  • Eric Meyer's Articles on CSS

  • CSS Layout Tutorial

  • CSSLayouts Tips and Techniques

Boxes and Design Elements

  • The Noodle Incident Tutorials on Boxes

  • Tantek Advanced CSS Examples

  • HTML Color Codes Chart

  • HTML Color Codes Color Picker

Forums and Mailing Lists

If you want to learn more about CSS, especially cutting edge CSS and web page designs, visit one of these forums and mailing lists to share your thoughts and learn from others.

  • CSS-Discuss

  • WebDesign-1 Discussions

  • SitePoint Forums on Web Page Design and CSS


The following are some of the best books to help you learn more about CSS and web page design.

  • Designing with Web Standards The bible, by Jeffrey Zeldman

  • All books by Eric Meyer

  • CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems by Lea Verou