Java Static Import

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Java Static Import

The static import feature of Java 5 facilitate the java programmer to access any static member of a class directly. There is no need to qualify it by the class name.

Advantage of static import:

  • Less coding is required if you have access any static member of a class oftenly.

Disadvantage of static import:

  • If you overuse the static import feature, it makes the program unreadable and unmaintainable.

Simple Example of static import

  1. import static java.lang.System.*;    
  2. class StaticImportExample{  
  3.   public static void main(String args[]){  
  5.    out.println("Hello");//Now no need of System.out  
  6.    out.println("Java");  
  8.  }   
  9. }      

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What is the difference between import and static import?

The import allows the java programmer to access classes of a package without package qualification whereas the static import feature allows to access the static members of a class without the class qualification. The import provides accessibility to classes and interface whereas static import provides accessibility to static members of the class.