Installing Python3

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Installing Python 3 in Windows

To install python you need to download python binary from, specifically we will be using python 3.4.3 which you can download from here .  While installing remember to check “Add Python.exe to path” (see the image below).


install python

Now you have installed python, open command prompt or terminal and type python . Now you are in python shell.

python shell

To test everything is working fine type the following command in the python shell.


print("Hello World")

hello python

Expected output:


Hello World

If you are using Ubuntu 14.04 which already comes with python 2 and python 3, you need to enter python3 instead of just python to enter python 3 shell.

invoke python3

Installing Text Editor

To write python programs you will need a text editor, you can use text editor like notepad. If you want to use full-fledged text editor then use notepad++  or sublime text. Download and install text editor of you choice.

Now you have successfully installed python 3 and text editor and ready to move on to the next chapter, where we will learn different ways of running python programs.