Install WAMP

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Install WAMP

Obtaining WAMP

 Download the latest version of WAMP from

WAMP installation guide

1. Double click on the wamp installation executable (we have used WampServer2.0i.exe ) to start the installation.

2. Select I accept the agreement.

    wamp installation guide

3. Select destination folder.

    wamp installation guide step 2

4. Select whether you want a Quick launch icon and desktop icon.

    wamp installation guide step 3

5. Click Install to beginning the installation.

    wamp installation guide 5

 6. Installation progresses.

    wamp installation guide 6

7. Select the default browser WAMP server going to use.

    wamp installation guide 8

8. Installation is being finished.

    wamp installation guide 9

9. Supply PHP mail parameters and click next. This finishes the installation.

    wamp installation guide 10

10.  Testing if PHP is installed properly.

Create a php file containing code and save it as test.php.

Run this file on your web server and if you get an output like this :

testing php installation

then your WAMP installation  is working properly.

After you have successfully installed WAMP, an icon comes in the right-hand corner of the Taskbar. Click on that icon and from here you start / restart /close Apache, PHP, and MySQL. You can also change settings of Apache,PHP, and MySQL.

wamp settings