Graphics And Drawing

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Graphics And Drawing


Microsoft Excel is equipped with drawing features that can be used to embellish a worksheet. If you have used Microsoft Office long enough, you are probably aware of its drawing tools. They allow you to draw lines, geometric shapes, various flowcharts, connectors, and banners, etc.

Practical Learning: Formatting Cells Content

  • Start Microsoft Excel and open the RTHS2.xlsx workbook.
    If necessary, click the Home worksheet to select it


A shape is an aesthetic figure you draw on a worksheet. Microsoft Excel (in reality Microsoft Office) provides various figures and shapes you can use to enhance the appearance of your worksheet.

To access the shapes, on the Ribbon, click the Insert tab and use the buttons in the Illustration section:


To draw a shape, in the Illustration section of the Ribbon, you can click Shapes. A window will display the various shapes that are available:

You can click the desired shape. Then, on the worksheet, click one of the extreme ends, drag to the other extreme, when you get a satisfying size and orientation, release the mouse. Once you release the mouse, the object will still be selected with various object handles of various sides and corners of the object. If you position your mouse on different handles or on the object, the mouse pointers will have different shapes.

This shape Allows you to
Move the whole object
Resize the object vertically
Resize the object horizontally
Resize the object in up-left down-right orientation
Resize the object in down-left up-right orientation
Change the corner of some shapes (is not available for all shapes)

Some objects don’t display all these mouse pointers and some may display different mouse shapes. If/when one of those unusual pointers comes up, you will be guided on its meaning.

Almost any shape you draw has a marking rectangular box around it. This allows you to work on the shape as an object. For example, you can use this box to move the object.

You can move any object to a new location on your screen. Sometimes you will want to select more than one object to manipulate the group. To select more than one object, click one of them, press and hold Shift, then click the other object(s). When you have created the group, release Shift.

A drawn object can be copied and pasted to another location on the same worksheet or to a different worksheet on the same workbook, in another workbook, or even to another document. To copy an object, click it. Then on the Ribbon, click Home. In the Clipboard section, click Copy, and proceed with pasting. You can copy one object or a group of objects. Using the Clipboard window of Microsoft Office 2007, you can copy up to 24 objects at once, then paste them to their new respective locations.

Microsoft Office WordArt

A Microsoft Office WordArt is a fancy formatted sentence whose features you can use to include a good-looking group of words that you type and embed in your worksheet.

To get a WordArt, on the Ribbon, click the Insert tab. In the Text section, click the WordArt button and click the desired format:

A label with Your Text Here would come up. You can then edit it to your liking.

Practical Learning: Creating WordArt

  1. On the Ribbon, click Insert
  2. In the Text section, click the WordArt button and, from the list, click Fill - None, Outline - Accent 6, Glow - Accent 6
  3. Type County School System
  4. Move the word art to the top left side of the work area
  5. While the word art is still selected, in the Format tab of the Ribbon, in the WordArt Style section, click the More button and, from the list of styles, click Gradient Fill - Accent 1, Outline - White
  6. Resize and re-position the title as you see fit but somewhere in the top-left section of the worksheet
  7. Save the workbook
  8. On the Ribbon, click Insert. In the Illustrations section, click Shapes and click the Line button.
  9. To draw a horizontal line, press and hold Shift
  10. Click in the lower-left side of the word art, drag the mouse in the right direction until you get to the lower-right side of the word art
  11. Release the mouse. You don’t have to be absolutely precise since you can still resize and move the line to meet your satisfaction.
  12. While the line is still selected, in the Format tab of the Ribbon, in the Shape Styles section, click the arrow of the Shape Outline button and click Dark Blue, Text 2, Lighter 40% Line Colors…
  13. While the line is still selected, press Ctrl + C to copy and press Ctrl + V to paste
  14. While the new line is selected, in the Format tab of the Ribbon, in the Shape Styles section, click the arrow of the Shape Outline button and click Dark Blue, Text 2
  15. While the new line is still selected, in the Format tab of the Ribbon, in the Shapes Styles section, click the arrow of the Shape Outline button. Position the mouse on Weight, and click 41/2 pt
  16. Save the workbook

ClipArt and Pictures

You can use pictures to enhance the appearance of your worksheets. You can use almost any kind of picture from almost any format. To get some pictures, you can access the Clip Art section of the Microsoft Office web site. You would have to download those pictures and install them on your computer. You can also use any pictures available to you.

To use a picture, on the Ribbon, click Insert. In the Illustration section, click the Picture button. This would open the Insert Picture dialog box. Locate and select a picture, then click Insert.

Microsoft Excel also allows you to completely change a worksheet’s background with a picture of your choice. To do that, on the Ribbon, click Page Layout. In the Page Setup section click the Background button. From the Sheet Background dialog box, locate and select the desired picture. Then click Insert.