Go Interfaces

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Go - Interfaces

Go programming provides another data type called interfaces which represents a set of method signatures. The struct data type implements these interfaces to have method definitions for the method signature of the interfaces.


/* define an interface */
type interface_name interface {
   method_name1 [return_type]
   method_name2 [return_type]
   method_name3 [return_type]
   method_namen [return_type]

/* define a struct */
type struct_name struct {
   /* variables */

/* implement interface methods*/
func (struct_name_variable struct_name) method_name1() [return_type] {
   /* method implementation */
func (struct_name_variable struct_name) method_namen() [return_type] {
   /* method implementation */


When the above code is compiled and executed, it produces the following result −

Circle area: 78.539816
Rectangle area: 50.000000