Configuring Header Section Printing

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Configuring the Header/Section Printing


When printing a document, especially if the document contains many pages, you may want to repeatedly show a sentence or paragraph in the top and or the bottom sections of each printed page. To assist you with this, the Page Setup of Microsoft Excel is equipped with a special property page labeled Header/Footer. To access it, display the Page Setup dialog box and click Header/Footer

Header and Footer

The Header/Footer property page of the Page Setup dialog box allows you to set and configure some of the items you would like to display in the top and bottom sections of the printed document.

Configuring the Header and/or Footer Sections

To configure one of the sections, you can click either the Custom Header or the Custom Footerbuttons. The Custom Header button calls the Header dialog box. The Custom Footer button would call the Footer dialog box. Both dialogs look alike:


Just remember that what you set in one will display in its corresponding section on paper.

Since most of the buttons are not very explicit, whenever you want to find what a button is used for, you can position the mouse on a button. A tooltip would appear:

Button  Name Role
Format Text Used to change the font of what is displaying in the section
Insert Page Number Used to display an incremental number for each printed page.
Total Pages Displays the total number of pages of a document on the printed sheet.
Insert Date Allows you to display the date the document is printed.
Time Will display the time the document is being printed.
File Name  Can include the file name on the printed paper.
Sheet Name Is used to display the name of the worksheet.

Practical LearningPractical Learning: Configuring the Header/Footer Sections

  1. Open the DAWN Report1 workbook
  2. Click the Office Button, position the mouse on Print, and click Print Preview
  3. On the Print Preview tab of the Ribbon, click the Page Setup button
  4. In the Page Setup dialog box, click Header/Footer
  5. Click Custom Header...
  6. Click the Left Section box to make it active
    Type Center for Drug Studies
  7. In the Left Section box, select Center for Drug Studies
  8. Click the Format Text button 
  9. In the Font dialog box, change the Font to Times New Roman, the Font Style to Bold, and the Size to 11
  10. Click OK
  11. Click the Right Section box
  12. Click the Insert Date button 
  13. Click OK
  14. Click the Custom Footer button
  15. Make sure the caret is in the Left Section box
    Type Gertrude McNeil and press Tab twice
  16. Make sure your caret is in the Right Section box
    Click the Insert Page Number button 
    Page Setup
  17. Click OK
  18. On the Page Setup dialog box, click the Page property page and, in the Orientation section, click the Landscape radio button
  19. Click OK
  20. In the Print Preview window, click the Print button
  21. On the Print dialog box, click OK