C character set

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C Character Set :

Whenever we write any C program then it consists of different statements. Each C Program is set of statements and each statement is set of different c programming lexims. In C Programming each and every character is considered as single lexim. i.e [ Basic Lexical Element ]

Character Set Consists Of –

Types Character Set
Lowercase Letters a-z
Uppercase Letters A to Z
Digits 0-9
Special Characters !@#$%^&*
White Spaces Tab Or New line Or Space

Valid C Characters : Special Characters are listed below –

Symbol Meaning
 ~  Tilde
 ! Exclamation mark
 # Number sign
 $ Dollar sign
% Percent sign
 ^ Caret
 & Ampersand
  * Asterisk
( Left parenthesis
 ) Right parenthesis
_ Underscore
 + Plus sign
 |  Vertical bar
 `  Apostrophe
 –  Minus sign
 =  Equal to sign
  {  Left brace
  }  Right brace
 [  Left bracket
]  Right bracket
 :   Colon
 ”  Quotation mark
 ;  Semicolon
 <  Opening angle bracket
 >  Closing angle bracket
  ?  Question mark
 ,  Comma
 . Period
  /  Slash